Saturday, April 3, 2010


Some lamers don't know how to create file systems and putting fsck options in fsck.

One dumb ass'ole, who I don't know, installed RHEL 5.1 on some dell machine, with /, /usr, /var on three different partitions, but with fsck priority of the latter two being 2.

Weird problems: not able to find some stuff even in rescue mode, etc.

On top of that, iscsi targets, which appear as /dev/sdd, /dev/sde, are added to lvm vg groups. And these are added to /etc/fstab with fsck enabled. And the kernel tries to mount and fsck these file systems even before tcp/ip stack comes up. That's way "mount:/yo/momma" mounts in /etc/fstab get mounted after tcp/ip stack is up. That's why there is a run level for it.

"Add _netdev, and remove fsck

/dev/data1_vg/data1_lv /mnt/data2 ext3 auto,_netdev 0 0 "

The entry like above moves the mounting to netfs

Praise Yahweh!!

/etc/lvm/lvm.conf, ../backup ../cache, provides clues about which physical disks are used where.

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