Monday, May 31, 2010

Vietnamese salons and Indian IT workers

In the bay area, majority of hair salons is operated and run by vietnamese. Same thing happened in IT: you see Indians there, like vietnamese in salons. Dont think that Indians are any more smarter than average Joes. I work with two indian junkies, who claim to have a decade of experience in application servers, web servers, etc. They have set up a http health check monitor for a vip on some network device.

Lets call the site they wanna monitor:
On the network device, they were asked to enter the verification string: that is, whenever this device invokes a http get method, it fetches the page and looks for this string. Guess what string they choose: "verification", and this string doesn't exist on that page. quite lame!! This kinda garbage pervades the whole IT industry: you got people who knows tools, but don't know how things work.

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