Monday, June 21, 2010

Wasting money without thinking

at $WORK, they buy dell hardware on credit. The guy who is a sysadmin of sorts doesn't know how much memory and hard disk is needed for machines.

1. virtual cores : physical cores; you need to keep this in mind whenever you think of virtualizing. Vmware can let you deploy, for instance, 100 virtual cores on 8 physical cores. Imagine yourself in such a scenario where you have deployed 40 virtual cores on 8 physical cores: scheduler starving for cpu. This idiot at work thinks that adding memory solves this problem; this brings the second point.

2. Buy memory more than necessary, thereby wasting money. Not only that, sometimes these guys buy memory in odd configurations. If you are using DDR2, buy memory in multiples of 2; DDR3, buy memory in multiples of 3 (at best), of 2 (arite). Imagine buyig 5 DDR3 4GB memories. one of them ends up being not used: $400 goes down the drain.

3. You don't have SAN, and struggling to get SAN. In which case, why the fuck you waste money on local storage. You bought 6 * 300 GB SAS drives, thereby wasting $2500

On R710, which can be had for $3500, you guys wasted $3000 (extra hard drives + memory). Such dumbos pervade the whole industry.

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