Friday, July 30, 2010

openmanage on esxi4.0, 4.1

1. get openmanage offline bundle and vib for esxi from the dell site

2. deploy vsphere management appliance

3. set up a scratch partition on esxi host, if ya dont have enough space. Advanced settings --> scratchConfig

4. run the following command as vi-admin

vihostupdate --server --username root --password yahwehstruth -i -b

5. on Esxi host, Advanced settings --> UserVars --> Uservars.CIMOEMProvidersEnabled =1

6. /usr/lib/ext/dell/dataeng status, start it

7. Go to support site( ) and search for 6.1.0, A00 – download Open Manage Server Administrator Managed Node. You can use this as server administrator.

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