Thursday, September 16, 2010

*#ious and #ous


E:'gen-erous, 'neb-ulous
O: n-'drog-ynous, au-'ton-omous
I: 'syn-chronous, po-'lyg-amous, in-'dig-enous
A: can-'tan-kerous
U: 'nu-merous, 'scru-pulous, 'lu-minous, vo-'lu-mious, 'hu-morous


I: de-lic-ious,o-bliv-ious, re-lig-ious
O: parsi-mo-nius, e-rro-neous, no-to-rius
O with cluster: 'con-scious,
U: lu-'xu-rious, 'stu-dious, 'cu-rious, 'du-bious, in-'ju-rious, sa-'lu-brious
A: con-'ta-gious, 'gra-cious, pu-'gna-cious, ne-'fa-rious, ra-'pa-cious
E: 'tee-dious, 'see-rious, 'pree-cious, ab-'stee-mious, 'pree-vious, fa-'cee-tious, e-'gree-gious,'dee-vious, dele-'tee rious

At one level, you can explain both patterns, by treating -ious as a vowel digraph, first, then compressing.

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