Wednesday, September 8, 2010

-ious and -ia

All words

We know the stress pattern: de-lic-ious (penult)

I am after stresed "o"

O: atrocious, felonius, harmonius, victorius, copius etc: stressed sound "oh"
A: salacious,precarius, tenacious, etc: "ey"
I: delicious, capricious, assidious, virtuous: ih
E: mysterious, precious, egregious, serious: ee
U: studios, curious, dubious: oo, or you

Splitting consant clusters across syllables lead to different phonetic output

O: obnoxius, obvious: ah/cot vowel (thanks to x =ks, split across two syllables)
E: tendentious,envious, pretentious, inebrious: eh/bet vowel (nt gets spilit)

nokia "oh"
anorexia -ks- "ah"
phobia, cambodia, magnolia, begonia, utopia, ambrosia, scotia, asia: "ay"
indonesia, -ee-

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