Friday, October 1, 2010

lengthening and shortening

Prepausal lengthening: the vowel/syllabic consonant in the syllable before pause is lengthened by 1.4

Non-phrase final shortnening: segments not phase-final are shortnened by 0.6. Phrase final postvocalic liquids and nasals are lengthened by 1.4

Unstressed shortnening: unstressed segments are more compressible; their duration is halved; their duration is shortened by 0.7 for more phone types.

Lengthening for accent: a vowel which bears accent is lengthened by 1.4

shortnening for clusters: a consonant followed by a consonant is shortend by 0.5

pre-voiceless shortening: vowels are shortened before a voiceless plosive by 0.7

cf: peech and language processing: an introduction to natural language ...
By Daniel Jurafsky, James H. Martin

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