Saturday, November 27, 2010

Improving breath control

1. Have the client breath in, count to three, hold his breath for the count of three, count to three on exhalation, hold his breath to three, etc

2. The client shud breath in and out several times, then inhale quickly and exhale slowly. The client shud then breathe in and out several times, and inhale slowly and exhale quickly.

Non-breathy phonation

3. Have the client place his right hand on his abdomen and his left hand on his chest. Have him say /a/ abruptly several times. Make sure the cient is using abdonimal muscles during exhaltion.

Extending phonation

4. Instruct the C to prolong an /a/ as long as possible. Keep a record of the length of time and see if he is able to prolong it, and extend it.

5. The C shud count in a quiet voice from one to threee making sure that no breath escapes betewen each count; shud try to increase the count.

cf. symptomatic voice therapy

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