Thursday, January 13, 2011


penury: pen-u-ry
penurious: pe-nu-rious

"u" gets yod, unless it is joined by alveolar consonants: pen-u-ry vs pe-nu-rious; ven-ue vs av-e-nue

p, t, k: spew, student, skew: yod in spew and skew; student >Shtudent in AmE, but not styudent: no yod in

b, d, g: s+{b,d,g} not permitted

smew: yod

sp: spew, spurious, dispute
sk: skew, askew, muscular, emasculate, minuscule, vascular etc (scuba is the odd one out)
st: student, stew, etc (no yod, s > sh, thanks to /t/)
sm: smew, transmute, etc

Scuba : no yod


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