Sunday, April 24, 2011

Footling dialogues I

La Trina: Where's Jocque's looking-glass?

Native: where's Jocque's mirror?

La Trina: He hasn't one, has he?

N: He hasn't got (doesn't have) one, does 'e?

La Trina: Rats, he's worse off than you or I. He had better go and purchase one.

N: Say, he's worse off 'n you or me. He [1] better go buy one.

Jackofsky: I haven't a looking-glass, and La Trina hasn't either.

N: I haven't got (don't have) a mirror, neither (some British: nor) does La Trina.

La Trina: Yes, you have no work, although you surely shall have something until next week.

N: Yeah, but you haven't got (don't have) any work, thought you'll have somethin' by next week for sure.

Jackofsky: Tell us what you have and what you haven't.

N: Say what you've got and what you don't have.

La Trina: I have enough on which to get by, but I had better control it.

N: I [2] got enough to get by on, but I [1] better keep tabs on it.


  1. Aassimilation of 'd to b before band the subsequent allegro simplification of bb to b.
  2. With the normal allegro deletion of //v// between a nucleus and a consonant; in moderate tempos, this occurs only after an unstressed vowels, as in lotsa. Cf. allegro lots of 'em ['lots abm]

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