Monday, April 4, 2011

Is a laptop extended warranty worth it?

Bought T61 in 12/07 for $1000; 5 yrs onsite extended warranty for $350.

Onsite next day warranty is great: you place a call on any business day, they will try to fix the problem the next day with a technician at your place.

06/10: LCD replacement (met the next day service) $90 + labor

08/10: AC adapter replacement (they mailed it and returned the defective) $20

01/11: CPU cooling fan (met the next day warranty) $50 + labor

04/11: palm rest replacement $20 + labor


$180 + labor, so far: 21 months to go. If you don't know how to replace these parts, you end up spending another $150. Even if you can replace them on your own, you aint gonna get these replacement parts next day. IBM/Lenovo will try to fix the problem next day by shipping parts to the technician on the same day
Yes, it is worth it, if you own thinkpad T/X/W series. Don't buy an extended warranty, if you got plascrap laptops that are less than $500


07/12: hinges and keyboard replacement: $60 + labor, next day service
07/12: LCD broken again: $90
07/12: front bazel: $20

So far: $350 + labor

Warranty is paid off itself for parts. How about the labor?

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