Monday, May 9, 2011

melody vs rhythm

melody: pitch interval, cf. Parsons code Parsons, Denys (1975). The Directory of Tunes and Musical Themes.

first tone (*), up (u), down (d), repeat (r)

rhythm: time interval

melody + rhythm = metre (time signature)

Prosody divided into 3 distinct parts: (a) the rhythm or tempo of speech; (b) changes in intensity or loudness of the voice; (c) changes in pitch (intonation). These are 3 of the four lowest-level factors studied in music theory in deciphering the "meaning of music". The fourth factor is timbre, or pitch quality. Timbre in speech related to the so-called formants.

Pitch studied in two aspects: vertical changes (harmony); horizontal changes (melody)

harmonic interval; melodic interval
harmonic chord; melodic chord

cf. Tone of voice and mind, cook

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