Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Indians' crazyness about English medium

Thanks to concept, techno, international, concept-techno, techno-concept, concept-international, international-concept, etc, schools, every rural Indian parent wants his kid to go to such schools and learn/study in English medium.

One glaring problem in Indian schooling system: 99.99 percent of English teachers--despite their credentials from CIEFL or ENglish and foreign language university--are INCOMPETENT. These teachers can't make these students curious about language, in particular English; they got LIST mentality. To them, learning a language = learning a list of rules. This is the case with English teachers in the states/UK; but students in the states/UK/Aus/NZ are native speakers--so, the incompetency of their English teachers doesn't incapacitate students as much as English teachers in India do.

One can teach any language in a systematic fashion: building grammar as a system--a set of structures, substructures, etc.

CJ Bailey showed that English grammar can be built out of four building blocks.

1. three on horizontal dimension of predication: subject, predicate, optional complement (object or predicate complement)
2. one on vertical dimension of modification: of and by different parts of speech

Tense, mood, and all other crap taught by list mentalities is not conducive to learning English; more on this later.

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