Saturday, November 26, 2011

-ent, -ant

  • Penultimate Law: stress falls on the penult syl if the latter is heavy; otherwise on the antepenult syl.
  • heavy = CVCC, CVVC; light = CV, CVC
  • light: arrogant, belligerent, benevolent, decadent, fumigant, percipient, permanent, reticent, significant
  • light: subsequent, 'consequent
  • light: con'stituent (constrast the above)
  • heavy cluster: absorbent, abundant, astringent, correspondent, convergent, insistent, malignant, reluctant
  • heavy sc: acquiescent, quiescent, incandescent, luminescent, florescent, effervescent, coalescent
  • heavy po: component, exponent, opponent, potent, impotent, idempotent
  • 'pla complacent
  • heavy ar: apparent, transparent
  • heavy rr: ab'horrent,  aberrent, recurrent, deterrent, concurrent, susurrant
  • heavy ll: ap'pellant
  • heavy: defiant
  • 'Protestant
  • a'dja-cent
  • heavy ss: in'cessant

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