Friday, June 8, 2012

post-w vowel system

Charles-James Bailey had an article on this, which I need to search for in my archives.

There were 210 matches for the string /^w/ (filtered by the string /\w{7,}|-|^wr|^w[ei]|^wh[ei]/) in all grammatical categories

Left with wo-, and wa-

TRAP: wax, wag (velars)
LOT: what, wad, waddle, was
LOT and/or THOUGHT:  water, wash, wasp

NORTH: -ar, -arC, war, wart. ward, warn, warp, warm wharf, warsaw
LOT: -arl: carl


STRUT: word, world, worst, worse, worm, work, worth
NORTH: sword, worn

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