Sunday, July 8, 2012

Diagnosing car noise problems: tensioner pulley bearing

There are many ways to diagnose noise issues. Noise stethoscopes or radio enabled noise checkers.

A few days ago, right after the dealer replaced the cat, I hear strange noise whenever my engine is running. I thought it is due to cat fitting problems. Today, I had my car lifted to see wtf is going on; found that all mounts for cat are tight. Next located the noise on the passenger side of engine bay. Next, thought about accessory belt (serpentine belt) tensioner pulley bearing and sprayed wd-40 while engine running. So, the noise disappeared. Went to autozone to get the bearing (not the whole tensioner) for 17 or so. Removed the tensioner, then removed the bearing, and installed the new one.

DO not waste money on replacing the whole tensioner, which is like 70.

What happens if you don't fix this noise?

One day, your bearing will freeze, fucking up the serpentine belt; causing power steering, AC, generator loose power.

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