Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sensor inputs to ME7 ECM (2.0 Jetta MK4 AVH)

• Mass air flow sensor (G70)
• Speed/reference sensor (G28)
• Camshaft position sensor (G40)
• Pre-Catalyst heated oxygen sensor (G39)
• Post-Catalyst heated oxygen sensor (G108)
• Throttle valve control module (J338) with position sensors
(G187) and (G188)
• Intake air temperature sensor (G42)
• Coolant temperature sensors (G2) and (G62)
• Knock sensor, cylinders 1-2, (G61)
• Knock sensor, cylinders 3-4, (G66)
• Accelerator pedal position sensors (G79) and (G185)
• Boost pressure sensor (G31)
• Brake light (F) and pedal switches (F47)
• Clutch pedal switch (F36)
• Leak Detection Pump (V144)

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