Saturday, August 11, 2012


1. inner smile (opening false vocal chords)

2. velum (high, mid, low): levator veli palatini  (levitate: lifting). Palatal control
     drag the velum, drag the palate
      use straw
     crescendoing: velum (loudness)
3. tongue posture: compression for high voice

4. true vocal folds: onset/offset control
   stop + phonate + stop
   aspirate + stop aspiration and start phonation + stop phonation, start aspiration (gradual)
   aspirate + stop + aspirate (abrupt)

Glottal onset (before breath)
Aspirate onset (after breath)
Simultaneous onset (with breath)

  vowels: i, a, u

vocal folds: thick, stiff, thin (tilting thyroid)
soft palate:  totally open, half open, totally closed
tongue: relaxed; compressed
pharynx: widened and made short/long
laryngeal cartilages: level or tilted
extrinsic laryngeal cartilages:
band of muscle around the vocal folds: relaxed/constricted

Jo Estill, Clark, first

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