Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to pronounce schedule

< sch > comes from OldEnglish. So, you can find the same grapheme cluster in German and Dutch. Note this from Wiki:
"The Dutch used the name of the port town Scheveningen as a shibboleth to tell Germans from the Dutch ("Sch" in Dutch is analyzed as the letter "s " and the digraph "ch", producing the consonant cluster [sx], while in German it is analyzed as the trigraph "sch ," pronounced [ʃ ])"

In MiddleEnglish, palatalized sch was replaced with < sh >. Palatalization occurs before front vowels. The word 'schedule' is one such with a front vowel before < sch >: so, British pronunciation reflects this palatalization. However, AmE pronunciation reflections the older version.

In French Orthography, < ch >'s sound value usually is /ʃ/ (cf: charlatan, Chicago, Michigan, Charlotte, Michelle, etc). In Latin/Greek, it is /k/ (cf. chlorine)

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