Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bad breath, ugh!!

Isn't it frustrating for you to deal with people with bad breath? Esp a bad breath colleague, who sits next to you.

How do their friends deal with it? How do their family members deal with it? Have they developed tolerance to it? Are these badbreathers aware of their badbreath? If so, have they done any thing about? If not, why your loved ones don't tell you about this? No matter how smart you are, you are treated like shit at work if you got bad breath!!

Of course, these badbreathers, if they are aware of their badbreath, dont smack of badbreath when they come to interviews.

1. Oral hygiene is important. Dirtbags out there think that brushing teeth is enough for oral hygeine!!

2. Brush your teeth

3. Floss and check your gum health

4. Clean your frigging tongue!!

5. Check your dental work--esp crowns, bridges, etc, since flossing doesn't help rid of the gunk !

6. Check whether your mouth becomes dry. Better check with a doctor!

7. Beat the shit outta your spouse/bf/gf, if they haven't told you about the bad breath!

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