Monday, August 15, 2011

Fancy trends in naming Indian kids

I have noticed a trend about how the new Indian middle class name their kids: exotic names, which are hard to pronounce by kids' grandparents.

How to pick a trendy name?

Pick a Sanskrit word and change/add a consonant: for instance,

Antara is one such word, or call it root; its variations: mantara, gantara, santara, etc.

Take some English word, mess that a bit.

Peak, its variations kapeek, gapeek, maneek, kupeek, japeek, and the list goes on.

So far, so good.

Now listen to their babies' nick names, which are like: honey, bunny, goldy, duddy for kapeek, Ushkala, markasa,kurkuray names!

This middle class lacks the common sense that the illiterate rural folks possess!

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RK said...

Lol! Guilty as charged, your honor :)