Monday, August 1, 2011

Four Pillars of Indian Wisdom

Four pillars of Indian Wisdom

1. Those who procure real estate land (land mafia, politicians, the so-called civil servants--from IAS to sub registrars, swamijis, babas, gurus, people with 'divine' inclinations like T Subba Rami Reddy, etc)

2. Construction Industry: cement companies owned by some or all of the above; construction companies, etc, that build villas (a new concept in Indian real estate), apartments, airports, fab cities, baba ashrams, etc

3. Software, IT, etc: the so-called Middle class that buys villas, apartments, lands in the hope that they can make a million dollars in another 4 years.

4. Concept schools, Techno schools, International schools: This is where all but the ignorant send their kids.

If you wanna get 'enlightened', or seeking Indian 'gyan' or 'wisdom', you should be part of the above pillars!

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