Saturday, September 10, 2011

How to go to turkey/Europe from Pakistan by bus?

1. Go to Quetta/Zhob/Chamman, Balochistan
2. Catch a bus to Tehran. Ac bus costs ya like 8000 paki rupees, another 2000 for food and drinks, etc
3. Zehdain, Iran-pak  border
4. Kheran
5. Shiraz
6. Tehran or tabrez, then take another bus to turkey

2300 Kilometers from Quetta to tehran, takes 2 days, that is, 48 hrs

Tehran to Tabrez: 650 km
Tabrez to Istanbul: 2300 km
Istanbul to Turkey/Bulgaria/Greece border, Edirne: 250 kms

Turkey Border point:

GREECE from Turkey:

By road, to Athens: 950 kms

By ferries, from alexandropoulis to myrina, then to rafina/athens

BULGARIA from Turkey:

Edirne to Sophia: 350 Kms

ROMANIA from Turkey via Bulgaria:

Edirne to Bucarest/bucuresti: 400 kms

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