Saturday, September 10, 2011

Car clicks but won't crank, lights work


(1) clicks, but won't crank
(2) radio and lamps work (didn't check wipers)
(3) No alternator system bad sign on the dashboard.

I thought (4) the culprit would be the starter (relay, solenoid or both).

However, called GM motor club for jump start. Yeah, jumpstart did the trick. Since I don't carry a voltmeter handy, I took it to O'reilly auto parts to have the battery tested. Yes, the battery is dead. The funny thing is that (5) the battery is just 2 years old, which got 7 years warranty. They prorated and gave me another battery for $40.

Today: the generator sign or the battery sign showed up on the dashboard. Checked the alternator/generator belt, which is working fine. Had the alternator tested; its hosed.

The real culprit: not the battery, but the alternator, which killed the battery in the first place.

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